Supporting and nurturing robotic projects by sharing our expertise


Supervising and strengthening your robot’s applications and IT ecosystem


Favouring the best possible interaction between user and machine

Our expertise : the “Robot eXperience”

We believe in ROBOLUTION! Since 2011, we have been devoted to service robotics, the deployment of robotic solutions designed for and by Humans for use in tertiary and private settings. We make this Robot eXperience work for the designers and users of robots alike.

We guide and support Robotic projects

Conseil en robotique

Before and during a project, we provide a new view through the following services:

  • Study and formalisation of what is required
  • Understanding of the environment
  • Robotic sourcing and monitoring
  • Technological options
  • Feasibility study
  • Assessment of a robotic project
  • Creation of recommendations
  • Supervision of service providers

Technological development of service Robots

A robot is not born a “companion”, it becomes one: take advantage of our expertise in social robotics.

Development of the robot

  • Design of Human-Robot interactions
  • Robotic expressiveness and design of emotions
  • Creation of robotic SDK
  • Development of applications
  • Integration of robotic technologies: SLAM, TTS, STT, etc.

Whilst hardware is key to the robot being accepted, the associated software and tools are key to its sustainable integration among users.

Creation of web applications for robotics

  • Fleet management
  • User and access management
  • Supervision
  • Remote control
  • Management and analysis of data
Développement robotique

Robotic integration

Intégration en robotique

The golden age of the robot as a device is over. The focus has now shifted to the concepts of use, usability, and usefulness of robots. These are challenges that we are excited to face by your side!

  • Feasibility study regarding the environment and users
  • Recommendations of robotic platforms
  • Development of dedicated tools
  • Interaction with existing digital systems
  • Study and configuration of the network
  • Installation of the robot within the environment
  • User support
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the robotic project

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About Awabot Intelligence

Our wish? To support and make the deployment of service robotics easier through the creation of reliable, robust software with the Human-Robot interaction as the cornerstone of our robotic applications.

Our team has additional know-how and expertise covering all issues relating to service robotics: ROS, computer vision, image processing, browsing, web for robotics, algorithms, low-level programming, control and command, etc.

  • Agile project management

    A collaborative framework that is both flexible and structured

  • Close to the team

    Regular updates, chats, telepresence, physical meetings, etc.

  • Quantification

    At a fixed price or in line with use through monitoring tools

Robotic Research and Development

With several years of “Robot eXperience”, our expertise rests on a basis of Research & Development that centres on two areas of expertise, telepresence and HRI, illustrated below by our robotic demonstrators, TCP and EMOX.

Web telepresence / enhanced telepresence

The Human-Robot interaction / companion robot