Cutii, Home Support Platform

Initial request from CareClever

Designed by CareClaver, Cutii is a platform for interacting and connecting older people with their families. CareClever turned to Awabot Intelligence to study and develop Cutii’s autonomous navigation capabilities, intended to evolve in private environments.

How we meet clients’ needs

  • navigation scenarii design;
  • development and implementation of an autonomous navigation stack, modular solution, maintainable and optimized for the embedded environment.

Technologies used

ROS, Realsense D415, Google Cartographer, TEB Local planner, Intel Up board.

Added value

  • consolidation of the prerequisites necessary for a robust and reliable autonomous navigation stack;
  • advice for the improvement of certain robot equipment (e.g sourcing of proximity sensors, optimization of the Realsense camera parameters for a stand-alone navigation application).