TwinsWheel, Autonomous Parcel Delivery for E-commerce

Supervision : initial request from Soben

Designed and developed by Soben, TwinswHeel is an outdoor autonomous delivery droid for e-commerce. Awabot Intelligence was asked to develop a web platform capable of teleoperating the droid.

  • Server side, architecture and implementation of a secure platform with a login system and serving a control page displaying real-time camera feedback and sensor data;
  • Robot side, development of a ROS communication packet with the server;
  • High availability deployment with redundancy of the platform behind a load balancing system.

NodeJS, React, SocketIO, JWT, WebRTC, Coturn, SQL, load balancing, Redis, ROS.

  • Advice and technical support;
  • Take into account when developing a probable future change of sensors on the droid.