“Robot Sommelier” Project

Initial request from Intermarché

Create, develop and integrate a “telepresence adviser on request” device associated with BEAM robots, in 3 Intermarché stores during the Wine Fair.

How we meet clients’ needs

Development of an Android application linked to a telephone call server to contact a remote advisor as part of the following scenario: in the store, the customer needs some advice from a sommelier:

  • he/she makes a request using a tablet, through an application specifically developed for the device
  • this request is then recorded and sent to the sommelier, specifying the store and telepresence robot involved
  • depending on availability, the sommelier signs in to provide the client with the best possible advice and, above all, to guide him/her along the shelves of the department

Technologies used

Android application, Node.js server, Twilio service, BeamPro mobile telepresence robot.

Added value provided

  • end-to-end project management to provide a turnkey solution (sourcing of tablets, secure support, etc.)
  • mastery of the robotic equipment
  • development of the integration tool